Peace I Leave With You

DIY Liturgy  - Includes Pro5 and text files

John 14:27 - Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you. Do not let your heart be troubled or fearful. (NIV)

Recommended Media - Chaos (No Titles) 

Producer - Igniter Media

NOTES - Is God really in control? Look around. There is war, hate, destruction, and brokenness. How can a good God allow this pain to happen?

TAGS: war, hate, disaster, pain, terror, military, hurricane, chaos

Real-Life Worship Ideas

Transition - End of Revelation Song, beginning It Is Well:  The band finishes a high-intensity moment with Revelation Song with all of the instruments dropping out except a sustained piano chord and electric guitar creating chaotic and distorted tones. At this point the Chaos video begins, which provides a drastic contrast with the theme of Revelation Song. 

While the distorted tones and out-of-time chords are played, the two screens of John 14 are repeatedly displayed on the screen, with a brief blank pause before each repeat.

Once the band begins ethereally playing in-time to It Is Well, the text follows along with the beat. This continues for a couple of minutes before the band arrives fully into It Is Well, and the visual changes to match the song. 

This combination of visual and Scripture is a perfect introduction to a song like It Is Well, which captures a "peace that passes understanding" despite the troubles and heartache of this world.