Raise Your Voices

DIY Liturgy  - Includes Pro5 and text files

Psalm 100  - Raise your voices; make a beautiful noise to the Eternal, all the earth. Serve the Eternal gladly; enter into His presence singing songs of joy! (The Voice)

Recommended Media - Night Clouds Timelapse Loop

Producer  - The Work of the People

NOTES  - This film uses timelapse footage of sweeping clouds and landscapes, echoing Psalm 100's command for the entire earth, including God's people and his creation, to make a joyful noise to the LORD.

TAGS  : clouds, skies, stars, nature, time-lapse

Real-Life Worship Ideas

  • Call to Worship : The band begins playing the chorus of Gungor's "Crags and Clay" as an underscore, while the worship leader reads these words aloud as they appear on-screen. Once finished, the band continues with a shortened version of the song, using only the chorus.