December 12, 2010

This week featured modern adaptations of classical nativity artwork. ALL CREATION SING (JOY TO THE WORLD)

  • Holy Night Long Play (WorshipFilms) - Classical imagery combined with an abstract starburst pattern. NOTE: When using this long-playing loop, I edited out the last scene of two angels, as it was a bit cheesy for my taste.


  • Nativity Impressions (WorshipFilms) - Classical nativity imagery from various cultures, with a bright starry night in the background.


  • Verse 1: Smoke Effect (Highway Video) - This short clip of light smoke over a black background is actually the first scene of the longer video we used later in the song. NOTE: This clip is not a seamless loop, so it must be restarted before it ends, in order to dissolve over itself.
  • Majority of the song: Silent Night Vibe (Non-Titled) (Highway Video) - This long-playing loop combines classical nativity images with film footage of the manger in a hazy spotlight.
  • End of the song: Nature Loop 7 (The Work of the People) - A montage of wintry forest and mountain scenes.